ID/Support Documents


What you need to get an Alberta ID card or Driver’s Licence for the first time or a renewal of one that has expired for more than six months.

You will need 1 primary ID, 1 secondary ID and I proof of residency in Alberta.

Primary ID:

  • Nexus Card
  • Municipal, Provincial, Armed Forces, Indian Status OR Federal Police ID Card
  • Current Canadian Passport (Not Expired)
  • Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Residency Card
  • Immigration Authorization (for applicants originating from outside Canada) with a Valid Foreign Passport
  • Study Permit or Work Permits (Must have minimum 3 months left on application or permit)
  • Birth Certificate(Canadian)

Secondary ID: (Support document for the presented primary ID)

  • Provincial/Federal Government ID Card, Armed Forces ID Card, Canadian Citizenship Certificate or Card (Assigned Prior to Feb 2012)
  • Health Care Insurance Card
  • Firearms ID Card
  • Birth Certificate (Canadian)
  • Indian Status Card
  • Marriage Certificate

Proof of Alberta Residency: (Mail received in your name at your home or other confirmation to show that you reside in Alberta. Must be dated within the last 90 days with your full name and current address.

  • Alberta Heath Care Statement
  • Telus telephone bill in client’s name
  • Epcor/Direct Energy Utility bill in client’s name(electronic/online bills accepted)
  • Shaw Cable bill in client’s name(electronic/online bills accepted)
  • Paystub showing client’s name and address
  • Original Letter from Employer or Company Letterhead
  • Official ORIGINAL Lease/Rental Agreement
  • Bank Statement that has been MAILED to your residence

    ***Print outs from online banking or print outs from the bank with a stamp will NOT be accepted***
  • Property Tax bill, Land title or mortgage papers

Note: If you are under 18 Years of age, Parental Consent is required.